Miles to Go

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”e.e.cummings

Slip n slide Sarah at about age 6. Oh, how I wanted to join you on the slip and slide!

As a child, mom would send us outside to play for hours. It was in these play periods with my siblings that I had grand adventures and made delicious discoveries.

I was an Indian Princess riding a fallen tree that had become my majestic steed. I discovered that baby birds and frogs couldn’t survive long in a shoebox, and that butterfly’s and fireflies did not belong in mason jars. I was a circus performer on a bike and a star in a barn that doubled for a stage.

I loved to explore and create. I was amused by the simplest things. Like the way a velvety leaf felt in my hands or the way a buttercup’s yellow petals would reflect off my…

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Words are magic. And I am a believer.
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