Rhythm of the Mundane

“Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed.” Corita Kent

I have wasted too many moments waiting for the next. As I get older and life moves at the pace of a bullet train, I realize that while I’m waiting – for the weekend, an upcoming vacation, or the end of a difficult circumstance – I am missing out on the present and all its richness.

There is a rhythm in the mundane that makes the extraordinary possible. A casual conversation with a business associate, friend, or neighbor can turn into a moment of enlightenment or encouragement – each giving to the other a bit of themselves.

I know that I have spent too much energy being frustrated while stuck in traffic jams or standing in long lines when I could have chosen to practice patience and an awareness of my surroundings and of others.

I have surely expended too much of what remains of my valuable time  browsing the internet from boredom when I could have taken a walk, had a conversation with a friend, or read a good book.

Magic happens in the mundane moments of life. It’s here that we come face to face with ourselves; and from these encounters hopefully we will grow and take advantage of these times to share our energy, talents, resources, and love with those we encounter along the way.


About Lori

Words are magic. And I am a believer.
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2 Responses to Rhythm of the Mundane

  1. Elaine Schichtle says:

    love your insight

  2. Elaine Schichtle says:

    Life is extremely short. When a person finally recognizes that their life is what they allow it to become is the time they have to take charge and redirect themselves to at least aim in the direction they want to go. No matter their age, it will take the first step to begin. The first step may be a detour of where you’re heading, but it takes detours sometimes to get to the right road. We can all be directed by life and make sacrifices to a point that we are sacrificing ourselves and not working to enjoy the life we are sacrificing ourselves for. How sad that we waste the time we have that we don’t even realize it’s passed us by. We are in a whirlwind of emotion and missed the opportunity to see anything complete. We can’t go in ten different directions at once and get to the place we need to be.

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