Life is

“Life is Hard…

It’s getting lost and getting found,
to growing up and getting round
It’s feeling silence, feeling sound
It’s feeling lonely, feeling full
It’s feeling oh so beautiful!
Yes! Come celebrate
Life is hard”

– Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero’s

I spent some time this morning reflecting on my life – where I am presently, and all of the paths that have brought me here.  I feel an intense sense of awe and wonder. I am so incredibly fortunate. So blessed. So full of joy and gratitude.

I have trudged through some pretty dark and dismal paths. There have been lonely days. Days where I felt weary and worn out. It has never been boring, though. And through it all, I have been blessed to know some beautiful souls who have crossed my path, sewing seeds of wisdom and refreshing me with waters of encouragement.

Even those who, accidentally or intentionally, caused rips in my heart or psyche have served me – maybe as much or more  – because those experiences roused my determination to do better and be different.

Such as my experience growing up under a stern and angry step father who would get irritated if we as children laughed too joyfully in his presence. It made me determined to live with joy and laugh as much as possible.

Or my 3rd grade music teacher whose callous words, “you can’t sing,” made me determined to sing anyway – and loudly. I didn’t say I do it well.

Or all the “Bugs Bunny” jokes I’ve heard about my overbite over the years. I smile broadly and as much as possible. It makes me happy and it makes others happy too. I still have an overbite; and I rather like my smile. IMG_2931

Like Edward Sharpe so eloquently sings, “Life is hard…and oh, so beautiful!”


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Words are magic. And I am a believer.
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