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Words are magic. And I am a believer.

Life is

“Life is Hard… It’s getting lost and getting found, to growing up and getting round It’s feeling silence, feeling sound It’s feeling lonely, feeling full It’s feeling oh so beautiful! Yes! Come celebrate Life is hard” – Edward Sharp and the … Continue reading

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Rhythm of the Mundane

“Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed.” Corita Kent I have wasted too many moments waiting for the next. As I get older and life moves at the pace of a bullet train, I … Continue reading

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Embrace the Change

A few years ago I had a conversation with a business associate who was lamenting the state of his company. In the course of our conversation I made the comment that he had a choice concerning his business model; he … Continue reading

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“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” – John 8:12 Lately I try to avoid the news because it is filled with gruesome headlines of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Miles to Go:
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” e.e.cummings Sarah at about age 6. Oh, how I wanted to join you on the slip and slide! As a child, mom would…

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Finding the Words

I have searched hard in those tense moments for the right words. I scold myself for being slow always too slow to grasp those perfect crisp words. They arrive late always too late and like a vapor they disappear before I am able … Continue reading

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Core Values

I aspire to growth. When I’m 80, I hope I’m still growing and that it will never be said of me that I am too “stuck in my ways” to welcome introspection, fresh thought, and a willingness to grow and … Continue reading

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