This One Life

girl-107617_640With this one wild
and precious life,
I will seek to master
only me.

I will embrace
each glorious
and slippery day
with gratitude.

I will build a shack
on a rock,
leaving behind
my castle of sand.

I will furnish it with a table
to share my bounty,
and a bed
to share with my love.

I will ready my feet
for adventure,
and gather new stories
for the ancient days.

I will live bold,
fearless of the dark,
taking my refuge in the light
where nothing can hide.

and when I am tired
I will sleep,
and when I sleep
I will dream.

Lori Roa

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He lives on the outside
of himself.

His smile hides his fear,
but he doesn’t know
what he is afraid of.

He is fun
and his laughter

tickles the room,

but he is sad.
He is desperately sad.
And he is lonely.

His heart is eager
to love, hungry
to be loved, but

He has forgotten
the fragrance
of love.

He speaks words
that sound like love,
but they

to the

and S h a t t e r

because He doesn’t speak
the same language
of love

as She
and She can’t hear
him anymore.

Lori Roa, 2014

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The Box

Lori Hernando Ride

In the beginning….

I believed I understood you,
but I only saw what I wanted to see –
a mottled reflection of me.

I built you a box
to share with
my dreams.

Inside those paper walls,
I danced to the illusion
that we were safe.

And as stormy years
deteriorated the box;
I blindly set to work,

patching every tear
with scraps of soured dreams,
spackled with delusion.

The box, poorly constructed
and badly repaired,
could no longer hold.

And when it was time to tear it down,
I realized I hadn’t built the box for you,
I had built it for me.

Lori Roa
May 2014

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I See You


No longer compelled

to project

my views

on you

I am liberated

to see


and You are


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IMG_0953If only

Innocence would play

In the fields of men

In the autumn

As it does in the spring,

the beast

Would have no place

to rest and no fallow

to sew its thorns

Lori Roa 2012

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Every Smile is a Gift

Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” – Mother Theresa

He had a beautiful smile.

He was pedaling down the sidewalk toward me on a bicycle that looked to be as old and worn as he was.  He was upwards of sixty years and looked a bit rough. I surmised that life had probably not been particularly kind to him.

My car blocked his path as I waited to exit the parking lot following a lunch time visit with my daughter. He was making good time, and I hoped that traffic would clear enough to let me cross the road before he reached me. As he pedaled closer his face darkened with concern over how he would navigate around the obstacle in his way, so I shifted in reverse and backed up about 3 feet so he could pass.

And as he passed on the sidewalk in front of me his eyes lit up and he waved and rewarded me with a beautiful, toothless smile.

Thank you, friend. Keep on smiling.

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What Choice Do We Have?

“A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.” – Neale D. Walsch

In his book, “The Success Principles,” Jack Canfield writes in Chapter one that each of us must take 100% responsibility for the condition of our lives. I searched the pages of that chapter looking for concessions I was sure he would make for those who have been victims of the choices of others – I couldn’t find anything.

Making excuses for our unhappiness and casting blame on others  will only lead us to accept mediocrity instead of a triumphant and vibrant life.

So maybe it’s time for a little self reflection?

Consider this simple illustration provided in Canfield’s book:  E (event) + R (Response) = O (Outcome)

For instance, if I’m overweight (Event) and fail to improve my eating and exercise habits (Response) then I can only expect to remain overweight (Outcome).

We have the gift of choice. Every decision we make in response to every event in life is what has brought us to this day.

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” – Randy Pausch 

Consider 23 year old Corporal Todd Love. He is a triple amputee who lost both legs and one arm in Afghanistan in 2010. He competes in endurance sports. In 2012, just 2 years after he lost his limbs, he competed in a grueling 10.5 mile endurance race called The Beast over rugged terrain that included 75 obstacles. He wrestles alligators, climbs mountains, and jumps from airplanes. Wow!  You can read Corporal Love here.

So now I’m left to think about my own choices. Not the ones I made yesterday, or 5 minutes ago, but the one I make next.

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